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Apomixis: A Boon for Farmers

The seed is the material by which plants are perpetuated from one generation to the next generation which is formed by the process of fertilization which is part of sexual reproduction. During this process crossing over takes place and segregation of characters takes place resulting in a change in the genotype, produced by the parents. This is the factor limiting the farmers from using the hybrids continuously for many generations. Apomixis is the process by which seeds can produce clonally without any genetic deviation. In order to develop apomixis in the crop species, different breeding procedures like crossing with wild relatives, mutation breeding, genetic transformation and recent novel technologies like crispr- cas are being practiced. This approach majorly reduced the burden on the farmers by avoiding repeated buying of hybrid seeds. Till now we are in the midway of the journey, once the destination is reached it can be considered as a boon for farmers.