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Exploring Bioprospecting for Sustainable Aquaculture in Fisheries

Bioprospecting, which is derived from biodiversity prospecting, is the search for micro and macromolecules in natural resources. In several industries, including aquaculture, agriculture, biological remediation, cosmetics, and nanotechnology, this technique has produced commercially viable products. Bioprospecting refers to techniques for resource extraction from biodiversity hotspots, like seas, deserts, and rainforests, employing both contemporary biotechnological techniques and traditional knowledge systems. While overharvesting resources can have serious negative consequences on the ecosystem, it also offers benefits like gene discovery and the usage of biological material. For aquaculture to uncover novel marine organisms with commercial potential for food, medicine, or other products, bioprospecting is essential. In addition to improving fish health and nutrition, this procedure is essential for creating sustainable aquaculture methods. To ensure a more sustainable future, greater bioprospecting research and exploration have the potential to completely transform the worldwide fishing and aquaculture industries.