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Khadi Industry in India

Khadi is one of the icons of India's freedom movement, which derived from the word Khaddar. It is considered as the threads of swaraj. Khadi served as more than simply a fabric?it was a way to reunite Indians with their heritage, their rural villages, and the dignity of hard work. The All-India Spinner Association (AISA) was formed by Mahatma Gandhi. All India Khadi & Village Industries Board (AIKVIB) in January 1953. It was replaced by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) in 1955. By providing decent work and job creation, the Khadi sector's workforce comprising women, a fair wage ensures economic empowerment; it fulfils various sustainable development goals. Government is taking initiatives like Gramodyog Vikas Yojana and Village Industries, Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI), The Khadi Production Programme, The Khadi Gramodyog, Vikas Yojana, etc to strengthen khadi industry in India.