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eSoil: A Game Changer in the Landscape of Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture has a significant role in the economy of the whole world since it provides billions of people with food, feed, fibre, and fuel materials. Agriculture has a number of challenges, including the deterioration of land, the scarcity of water, the effects of climate change, and the growth of the population. What are some ways that we may improve the well-being of people while simultaneously preserving the environment and increasing the efficiency of food production? The cutting-edge technology known as eSoil combines hydroponics with bioelectronics in order to better facilitate the growth of plants and to boost agricultural output. According to Mamatha and Kavitha (2023) Hydroponics is a method of cultivating plants that does not need the use of soil and instead depends on water and nutrients as the plant's growth medium. The scientific field of bioelectronics is concerned with the utilisation of electrical impulses for the purpose of communicating with biological processes. eSoil is a conductive substrate that is appropriate for hydroponic cultivation and has the ability to provide electrical stimulation to the roots of plants.