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Parthenocarpy and its Utilization in Vegetable Crops

Parthenocarpy is the growth of the ovary into seedless fruit in the absence of pollination and fertilization. It may occur naturally or can be induced artificially by the exogenous application of hormones or their enhanced endogenous levels. Developing seeds are a source of phytohormones and stimulate fruit growth and development. However, in some vegetables, seeds in the fruit are undesirable due to hard or leathery texture, bitter taste and presence of toxic compounds, allergens and effect on palatability. Seedless fruits are desirable for improving the quality of fresh and processed fruits and it has been observed in cucumber, eggplant, watermelon and tomato. Therefore, replacing the seeds and seed cavities with edible fruit tissue is an attractive offer to consumers. Hence, the genetic tool of parthenocarpy can play an important role in this direction, wherein the ovary develops into a fruit without fertilization.