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Major Pests of Sugarcane and their Integrated Management Tactics

Sugarcane is a main cash crop in many tropical and subtropical countries and is one of the main sources of sugar production in the world. Sugarcane is cultivated on about 26.0 million hectares, in more than 90 countries, with a worldwide harvest of 1.83 billion tons. India and Brazil are the two countries that produce the most sugarcane worldwide. Under contemporary agriculture, insect pests cause losses to the sugarcane crop. Due to this, entomologists are now more interested in biocontrol than ever. The most devastating pests are borers, which reduce farmer cane yields by 8-10% and sugar businesses' sugar recovery yields by 15-20%. About 76 non-insect pests are also reported to affect this crop, which is affected by about 288 insects, nearly 24 of which cause significant losses to the quality and quantity of the crop sugarcane.