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Impact of Integrated Nutrient Management in Enhancing the Growth and Yield of Crops

Alleviation of poverty and achievement of zero-hunger target and food security are significant challenges faced by agricultural planners worldwide. Improving many agronomic approaches, which have drastic effects on crop growth and yield, is urgently needed to report this aim. Integrated nutrient management refers to the maintenance of soil fertility and of plant nutrient supply at an optimum level for sustaining the desired productivity through optimization of the benefits from all possible sources of organic, inorganic and biological components in an integrated manner, has a bright solution in this area. Recently, several investigators reported that integrated use of conventional fertilizers with organic manure is becoming a quite promising practice not only for maintaining higher productivity but also for greater stability to crop production and also reduce environmental impacts. Integrated nutrient management is a tool that can offer good options and economic choices to supply plants with a sufficient amount of nutrients in need and can also reduce total costs, its improve to physical, chemical and biological properties of soil hence improve growth and yield of the crops.