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Promoting Value Addition as a Secondary Agriculture Activity: A Case of Pearl Millet

As the World focusses itself to celebrate year 2023 as the International Year of Millets, let us set our goals straight to promote their consumption and production. Type A or value addition, as secondary agriculture activity in pearl millet is the key to enhance the shelf life of the commodity and bring 'taste bhi, health bhi' value proposition to the consumer table. Pearl Millet's popularity is more in rural India, while urban India still needs to accept it as a great source of nutrition. There is huge scope and unharnessed potential for millets in general and pearl millet in particular. Innovations through Research and Development to develop new varieties and value-added products will promote their wider acceptance among consumer group of different age and income groups. Alongside, awareness campaigns in different forms will help promoting consumption. Remunerative prices to the farmers and a robust inclusion of Millets in the Public Distribution System could be another way to enhance Millet based Food Systems.