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Makhana (Euryale ferox Salisb) Cultivation: A Tedious Jobs

Makhana, or Euryale ferox Salisb., is a water plant whose seeds are harvested for human consumption due to their high nutrient content. The seeds are black and spherical, and their hand seed coverings make them easy to see (shells). For its seeds, this plant is specifically grown in north Bihar, West Bengal, Manipur, and M.P. 90% of India's and the world's makhana are produced in Bihar, with 80% of that production taking place in the state's north-eastern area. While growing of makhana farmers face a lots of constraint like ownership problem, labor intensive problems, lack of credit facility, scientific cultivation, lack of processing facilities, lack of scientific knowledge, disease, and pest problems. The economic situation of makhana growers may be improved if the proper actions are taken to address the challenges they face. With rising demand in India and worldwide, the harnessing of this rich resource to the optimum is vitally required in strengthening the economy of country.