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Comprehensive Precautions for Mango Cultivation: From Flowering to Harvest and Beyond

The mango, known as the "King of Fruits," is a highly valued tropical fruit with extensive global cultivation, notably in India. This article provides insights into precautions that should be taken at different stages of mango cultivation, from flowering to harvesting and postharvest handling. During the flowering stage, attention to watering, fertilization, and pest management is crucial to ensure a bountiful yield. Precautions before harvesting involve maintaining hygienic conditions, preventing ground and soil contact, and protecting the fruit from direct sunlight. Harvesting itself should be carried out at the right stage of maturity and with proper tools while avoiding wet conditions and handling the fruit gently. After harvesting, clean storage facilities, trimming, Delatexing, and sorting are essential to maintain the quality of the mangoes. These precautions collectively contribute to the successful cultivation and preservation of this beloved fruit.