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Phytobiotics as Immunostimulant for Disease Treatment in Aquaculture

In aquaculture, the use of immunostimulants, particularly herbal compounds, has emerged as a promising approach. Phytobiotics or herbal extracts to enhance growth and health. Intensified aquaculture induces stress in fish, leading to weakened immunity, reduced growth, and diseases. Due to the ban on many antibiotics in aquaculture, stimulating the non-specific immune system is a smart strategy. Studies have revealed that plant-derived compounds, rich in bioactive secondary metabolites, play a significant role in stimulating fish immunity. Approaches utilizing immunostimulants like glucan, chitin, lactoferrin, levamisole, and medicinal plant extracts have gained traction due to their ability to modulate immune responses, improving protection against infectious diseases. These compounds enhance phagocytic cells' activities, stimulate natural killer cells, and boost lysozyme activity and antibody responses in fish and shellfish, offering enhanced disease resistance. This holistic approach not only ensures healthier aquatic organisms but also addresses concerns related to environmental impact, making it a valuable strategy in modern aquaculture practices.