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Role of Transcription Activity of WRKY Transcription Factor in Cotton Fiber Initiation and Elongation

Cotton known as "King of fibre" and "White gold" is a globally vital crop used for soft clothing. Its cultivation spans over 50 countries with major producers including the USA, India, China, the Middle East and Australia. Cotton deriving from species like G. arboreum, G. herbaceum, G. hirsutum and G. barbadense dominates textile production due to its ecofriendliness. Cotton fibre development involves complex biological processes influenced by genetic factors and transcription factors (TFs) crucial for regulating elongation. Cotton flowering leads to boll formation containing seeds encased in fibres. Ethylene hormone significantly impacts fibre elongation. Specific TFs notably WRKY factors, play essential roles in cotton fibre development regulating genes associated with fibre growth and quality. Studies identified WRKY genes' significance in initiation, elongation and maturation phases, showing their regulatory functions. GhWRKY16, a fibre-specific TF positively influences fibre initiation and elongation binding to gene promoters and enhancing fibre development in cotton.