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Smart Plant Protection: A Sustainable Way Forward

Facing the need of modern agriculture to accurately grasp the information of farmland diseases and pests, this paper proposes an intelligent plant protection system. The system focuses on retrieving data and using it in developing farming systems in a smart way that will yield better results. Such real time data can be readily accessed by the farmers through smart phones or tablets which will help them take wise decisions at the right time. It helps in managing farm plant protection activities using technologies like IoT, robotics, drones and AI for efficient pest management aiming to increase the quantity and quality of products while optimizing the human labour required for production. The pest damage symptom images are transmitted to the server through Wi-Fi transmission, which in combination with the expert knowledge model, a solution is generated and the user can identify the current diseases and pests and obtain solutions at any time. The system can remotely and automatically monitor and warn of mainstream diseases and pests of agricultural crops and provide support for fine plant protection management.