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Nano Urea: An Efficient Tool for Precision Agriculture and Sustainability

Nano urea is a promising alternative to conventional urea for improving nitrogen use efficiency in agriculture. However, the nitrogen holding capacity of nano urea is a critical factor in its effectiveness as a fertilizer. Prills /granular urea are not only costly for the producer but may be harmful to humans and the environment. Furthermore, nano Urea may also be used for enhancing abiotic stress tolerance. Nano-Urea prevents environmental pollution and improves physiological traits of wheat grown under drought stress conditions. The nano urea consists of higher surface area because lesser in size of the nano particle and have high reactivity, solubility in water. Nano Urea are the important tools in agriculture to improve crop efficiency, yield and quality parameters with increase nutrient use efficiency, reduce wastage of fertilizers and cost of cultivation. Nano-urea is very effective for precise nutrient management in precision agriculture with matching the crop growth stage for nutrient and may provide nutrient throughout the crop growth period. Nano-Urea increase crop growth up to optimum concentrations further increase in concentration may inhibit the crop growth due to the toxicity of nutrient. Nano-Urea provide more surface area for different metabolic reactions in the plant which increase rate of photosynthesis and produce more dry matter and yield of the crop. It also prevents plant from different biotic and abiotic stress.