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Innovative CMI Module for Doubling the Farmers' Income: Success Story

Currently, fragmentation of agricultural land is major concern in India and it plays major role in degradation of agricultural productivity and profit. Sole cropping of muskmelon is common practice in Banaskantha district during summer and fluctuation in market price is the major issue. To tackle this issue, intercropping could be an option of assured income and also it increases productivity of crops in per unit area and per unit time. Therefore, Scientist of KVK, Banaskantha-I developed innovative CMI module (Chilli + muskmelon intercropping) in 2:1 ratio and demonstrated on field of Shri. Kanvarji Vadhaniya village: Ranpur from Deesa block of Banskantha district during summer through on farm testing (OFT). He received muskmelon fruit yield of 290.28 q/ha and green chilli yield of 248.58 q/ha. In term of economics, CMI module giving net return of Rs. 7,87,239 per hectare whereas, sole crop of muskmelon gave Rs. 2,77,403 per hectare i.e. traditional practices. Additionally, saving of cost on field preparation, labour, mulching, inputs like fertilizers, plant protection measures of chilli etc. and also helped to mitigate the high temperature stress i.e. by controlling flower dropping.