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Fortification of FYM and Compost with Zinc and Iron and its Applications

Soil degradation, environmental pollutions and micronutrients deficiency in Indian soil is an alarmingly increasing global issue. Due to use of excess NPK fertilizers without addition of micronutrients, intensive cultivation with high yielding varieties, limited use of organic matter and restricted recycling of crop residues. In order to overcome these the adoption of new technology called fortification, which is adding micronutrients (zinc and iron) to organic manures (FYM and Compost) to prevent nutritional deficiencies by forming chelation. Fortification makes organic manures more nutritious and helps in uptake of micronutrients from soil and enhancing movement and bioavailability in the edible parts of a plant. Organic amendments contain organic compounds which are highly capable of chelating iron, zinc and have the ability to increase its solubility and mobility of nutrients to the roots. Fortified organic manures with micronutrients not only enhances the rate of decomposition but also improves the nutrient status and also save the cost on fertilizer.