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Present Scenario, Initial Planning and Opportunities in High Density Apple Farming

For apple cultivation, dwarfing rootstocks are the pointers to alter the size of the trees, spacing and preliminary production. Without disturbing the quality of the fruit, the concept of high density planting (HDP) has increased the productivity of many fruit crops, majorly Apple. The preliminary yields of fruits may be obtained with the implementation of high density orchard planting. Even though the investment for high density orchard planting is bit high compared to conventional orchard development, the returns obtained are enormously high. This technique has the record of A Grade fruits with respect to quality as well as price. Thus, high density planting is an effective approach to improve the production, productivity and quality of the fruits.The ultimate change in apple production can only be possible with the change in the production pattern and techniques by using the latest and modern system of high density plantation with quality planting material and the strong lasting support systems.