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Icthyofaunal Diversity of Khutaghat Reservoir in Bilaspur District of Chhattisgarh

The potential of any aquatic system is represented by its biodiversity, which also shows its trophic level. The present study deals with the ichthyo-faunal diversity of Khutaghat Reservoir which is located at 12 km from the city Ratanpur in Bilaspur district of state Chhattisgarh. Altogether, 34 fish species under 13 families and 8 orders were identified from Khutaghat reservoir. Among the families, Cyprinidae contributed to the highest number (16) of species in which genus Labeo having maximum number (4 species), followed by Bagridae (3species), Channidae (3 species), Siluridae (2 species), Notopteridae (2 species) and other remaining families having one species each. The IUCN status of each fish is listed and out of 34 species identified, 27 species are of Least Concern (LC), 3 species are Vulnerable (VU), 3 species belong to Near threatened (NT) category and 1 species has not Evaluated (NE). The study was carried out in year 2022.