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Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF)

Making and sustaining agriculture as a lucrative industry while taking into account global population growth, food security, and the depletion of natural resources is a very difficult task. In addition to preserving the health of the land and ecosystem, one present and future issue is to provide food that is free from pollution and high in nutrients. Ecosystem-based Zero Budget Natural agricultural (ZBNF) advises using mechanized agricultural practices along with organic crop rotation, compost and green manure, organic pest management, etc. Based on the material that is currently accessible, this article analyses the value and applicability of ZBNF. Both its advantages and effects are extensive. A description of the ZBNF system, its applicability, and its viability under the agricultural conditions of India has thus been produced. The four main ZBNF components, such as Jivamrit, Achchhadan, Bijamrit, and Vapasa, among others, are said to be highly economical. As well as their description, talks on natural insecticides, ZNBF's main advantages, and its difficulties have been added.