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Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) in Cereal Crops: A Contribution for Sustainable Agriculture

Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) has enormous innovative potential. The majority of the indigenous communities in India have their own distinct traditional knowledge and technological background. Despite the latest technologies and breakthroughs, the farming community still has a deep belief in their traditional knowledge. ITK is the sum total knowledge and practices which are based on people's accumulated experiences in dealing with situations and problems in various aspects of life and such knowledge and practices are special to a particular culture. Many of these knowledge and technologies are at par with the modern knowledge and technology system and have been provided the indigenous communities with comfort and self-sufficiency. The total socio-economic development of the communities can be significantly influenced by these traditional knowledge and technology. The application of indigenous and modern knowledge is not properly matched. It has been observed that there is an instant need to document and preserve the Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) of different communities, many of which are at the brink of extinction. An appropriate association between the traditional and modern knowledge and technology systems has immense potential to benefit the society. These ITKs are able to maintain the agricultural sustainability as well as food and nutritional security.