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Foetal Anasarca

Foetal anasarca was also known as Hydrops foetalis, Walrus baby, or water baby. Although it can happen in sheep, severe foetal oedema, also known as foetal anasarca, is more common in cattle. It can happen to either a twin or a single foetus. It is also unusual in one or two pigs or carnivores from a litter. An autosomal recessive gene is the reason. Foetal anasarca was brought on by infectious agents that affect dogs, such as canine parvovirus type 1 (CPV type 1) and infectious canine hepatitis (Adenovirus - 1). Circulatory abnormalities in mature animals can lead to anasarca, a widespread oedema. Chronic kidney disease, liver disease, and right-sided heart failure are all potential causes. It may be brought on by sodium retention in terms of ions.